Jaap van der Does

About myself

Born in IJmuiden (NH), June 1956. Married with Marjon Motshagen, October 1981. Father of Ellis (Jan 1990) and Thomas (April 1993). Lives in Soest (NL). Is Business Analyst for ABN AMRO IT Solutions International. Has a PhD in logical-semantics (University of Amsterdam, March 1992). Studied Philosophy, Logic, and Information science (University of Amsterdam, October1987, cum laude). Has published his book Passed over in Silence, on Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and its system (June 2011). Plays alto-saxophone in the quartet SKOL and tenor-saxophone in the Big Dipper Bigband. Occasionally writes poems.

pelgrimstocht (pilgrimage)


Leaving traces

So many things to do in so little time. Perhaps we should just enjoy, and keep our informational footprint as small as possible. But like all others that have access, I cannot resist the temptation to publish on the web.

At this site I want to leave some traces that are worth their while. To decide if they are is of course entirely up to you. I have used a few main themes: my current work in IT, my scientific work in logical-semantics and philosophy, a pilgrimage that I joined some years ago, my poems.

The site is partly in Dutch.

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